About Us

Welcome to Strada, where you can discover a world of flavors in a single visit. A culinary concept inspired by the global street food movement that’s taking the food scene by storm. Our store offers a unique and fresh take on homestyle dishes from around the world, all served up in a vibrant and dynamic space.

At Strada, we believe that good food doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy – that’s why we keep things simple with fresh and flavorful ingredients, prepared with care and attention to detail. Our menu is inspired by the bustling streets of Tokyo, Milano, New York, and Jozi, where food is an integral part of the culture and community.

Yellow is the new cool at Strada – our space is designed to be inviting and energetic, with a lively and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for grabbing a quick bite or hanging out with friends. So come and experience the magic of Strada, where every dish tells a story and every bite takes you on a journey around the world.

  • Street Food Adventures

    Authentic and unique street food dishes from around the world that will transport your taste buds to new and exciting places.

  • Quick Grabs on the Go

    Quick and delicious options for those on the go, including fresh salads and hearty sandwiches made with high-quality ingredients.

  • Rich Cultural Flavors

    A celebration of the diverse cultural influences that make up our global community, with dishes from all corners of the world that showcase the unique spices, ingredients, and flavors of their origin.

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