About Us

BLACK is a unique hybrid restaurant that combines exquisite food with entertainment, featuring DJs on weekends. With several outlets in South Africa and neighboring countries, BLACK offers a world-class look and feel, as well as exceptional service. Our menu features a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes.

  • Unique Hybrid Concept

    BLACK is not just a restaurant, but a unique hybrid concept that combines food with entertainment. We feature DJs on weekends, making it a great place for people to enjoy good music while dining.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Atmosphere

    Our stores are designed with a world-class aesthetic and atmosphere, and we take pride in providing exceptional service with a touch of flair.

  • Quality Service

    We have a deep understanding of the needs of our consumers, which helps us in providing exceptional service and an immersive experience. The staff at BLACK is also known for their flair in service, which ensures that customers receive high-quality service that meets their expectations.

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